A look into the social media account of a company

This past Summer, I had the opportunity to be a social media analyst at a data analytics company called the Digital Factory in Chicago. There I was in charge of their LinkedIn account. While I was there, we learned many different tools on how to gauge our audience using tools to judge reach. One of the measurement tools we used actually was Agora.

While I have my own social media accounts, this was the first time I was able to analyze another persons account. The company I was analyzing was a start up company so it was a tad smaller. It was interesting to see how/what made the reach go up and down. It was our job to figure out which drove it up, so we can get the most out of our account.

The page had 548 followers and the hardest part of growing our audience was growing it organically. Most of our reach came from employees of the company, and our job was to try and use hashtags to expand the growth of the page. By the end of the Summer, our reach had grew 25%, and helped our company reach many more clients.